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Dirty Girl Donuts

Artisanal Donuts and Pastries in Sonoma

From Dough to Delight

Sonoma’ Sweetest Treats

The scent of fresh pastries and warm sugar hangs deliciously in the air of our bakery, where the doughy magic happens. This is where our skilled bakers lovingly knead and shape each sugary canvas into an edible work of art. 

Vibrant glazes that glisten like jewels and delectable toppings transform each ring of dough-light into a sweet revelation for the senses. While adventurous new combination grace the menu daily, you’ll also find cherished classics like vanilla bean and crème brûlée donuts to satisfy hole-hearted cravings.

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Donut and Pastries Menu

Our menu is a sweet showcase of our bakers’ creativity and passion for delec-dough-ble donuts and pastries. Explore our doughy array of artisanal offerings and treat yourself to the sweetest tastes of Sonoma.

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The Donut Artist

Meet Marissa Wondolleck

A native of Sonoma County, Marissa Wondolleck is the imaginative baker and founder behind Dirty Girl Donuts. 

Trained at local culinary schools and bakeries, Marissa opened her own shop in 2016 at just 22 years old, to unleash her creativity on artisanal donut and pastries creations. 

Drawing inspiration from travels, trends, and local seasonal produce, her sweet treats combine both innovative and classic flavors. Marissa’s spirited “messy baker” approach results in deliciously unexpected combinations, reflecting the shop’s name. 

With the bounty of Sonoma at her disposal, Marissa’s donut artistry promises endless possibilities.

Donuts Classics

Always Present

 We pay homage to the old classics. These iconic sweets provide the perfect counterpoint to our innovative combinations.

We top our freshly baked dough with a dark maple glaze and candy bacon to create this sweet and savory favorite.

A Madagascar vanilla bean glaze makes this donut anything but ordinary.

We dip a vanilla pastry cream filled donut into hot sugar to give it a candy-coated glaze.

Treat yourself today

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