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Dirty Girl Donuts

Everything you’ve ever wanted in donut form.

About DGD

Artisanal Donut Creations

Find an ever-changing menu of delectable donuts inspired by everything you’ve wanted in donut form—the flavor combinations are endless.

We adorn our donuts with vibrant colors and tantalizing toppings like fresh fruit, breakfast cereal, and a variety of unexpected embellishments to create novel flavor combinations. We also offer classic mainstays like maple-bacon, crème brûlée, lemon meringue, and vanilla bean.

Our weekend specials include croissant muffins, cronuts, homemade cinnamon buns, and gourmet pop-tarts.

We also have a full coffee bar, serving espresso drinks to pair with your baked art.

cream and chocolate chips covered donut with an oreo cookie on top and a hand dipping one of the cookies in a milk cup


Our Most Popular Selections

We top our freshly baked dough with a dark maple glaze and candy bacon to create this sweet and savory favorite.

A Madagascar vanilla bean glaze makes this donut anything but ordinary.

We dip a vanilla pastry cream filled donut into hot sugar to give it a candy-coated glaze.

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The Donut Artist

Marisa Wondolleck

Marisa Wondolleck is constantly dreaming up new flavors.

A native of Sonoma County, Marisa learned professional baking techniques at a local culinary school and honed her skills making custom cakes at top bakeries around the North Bay Area before eventually opening her own shop to focus on her true love–gourmet donuts. Able to fully embrace her culinary creativity, Dirty Girls Donuts shot to success soon after Marisa launched it in 2016 when she was just 22 years old.

Marisa comes up with her artisanal donut creations based on everything from recent travels, to rising culinary trends, to seasonal produce. Sonoma is the perfect place to experiment with unexpected flavors and local ingredients – the donut opportunities are endless!

She named her shop Dirty Girl Donuts for one reason: “I’m a messy baker,” she says. “Always have been covered in flour and chocolate. Always will be.”

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